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why are we throwin hate and shade at anora or alistair when we should be throwin it at arl “hidden agenda” eamon

if anyone is doing anything for personal gain it’s that guy

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Burlesque dancer Zorita c. 1942
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Teenage girls at a slumber party talking to boys who are standing outside.
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Joan Crawford, 1941
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Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep (1946)
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job interviewer: so…tell me a little about yourself :)
me: sure. i’m a virgo, INTJ, i love tank tops oh my god did you see the Anaconda video? that changed my life!
interviewer: bitch me too! the fuck. you got the job

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Joan Crawford, 1940s
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I think the enemy of [film] is of course reality, and films are best when they manage poetry by reducing the element of reality and introducing something which is the invention of the filmmaker.
Orson Welles
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Carole Lombard in The Gay Bride (1934)
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Elizabeth Taylor, 1957.
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Timeless Vixen Vintage
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